Heinczné Rási Katalin - Bimbi

Welcome to my Site!

I am Katalin Heincz Rasi, but better known by my friends and colleges as Bimbi. I live with my husband and three sons in Hungary at the Danube river bend framed by rolling hillsides, lush vineyards and medieval castles which contribute to my artistic inspirations.

Since childhood my devotion has been painting and drawing and it has become my main calling and profession. I started drawing portraits over 15 years ago. I have always had an exceptional ability for drawing but it was not until I was asked to draw some pictures did I convert my talent into creating art. The initial success came by painting an oil portrait of my friend's little girl.

This followed by many requests and gradually my work and style expanded. With self education and studying different artistic techniques I developed my own style of oil painting, graphic arts and designs. My style is constantly being refined as I discover new techniques and fine tune details of my subjects.
I enjoy creating and painting landscapes, still-life, decorative wall art and custom business logos.

My ultimate desire is to bring happiness and satisfaction to my clients. Aside from Hungary my work can be found on the walls of many homes and businesses abroad from Australia to United States.

Please look up my Gallery Section for references.